Hair Removal FAQs
Thinking about getting a brazilian?  Have questions from your sugaring appointment?  Here are our responses to some common hair removal questions we get asked at Euphoria Spalon.

What types of hair removal services do you offer at Euphoria Spalon?
We offer both waxing & sugaring.
What is the difference between waxing & sugaring?
Waxing is performed with either hard or soft wax.  With soft wax, the wax is spread on the skin with a disposable applicator & then removed with a cloth strip.  With hard wax, the wax is spread on the skin with a disposable applicator & then it is allowed to harden before it is pulled directly off the skin.  Wax residue is removed with oil.  Sugaring is a technique where the hair removal sugar is molded over the skin & a hand-flicking technique is used to lift off the sugar & remove the hair.  Sugar residue is removed with water.  Both methods are equally effective in removing hair when performed by a well-trained esthetician.  Here are some of the Pros & Cons for both methods:
Sugaring Pros:  Sugaring can generally be done over & over in the same area as it is more gentle on the skin.  It is more environmentally friendly as there are no sticks or strips used.
Sugaring Cons:  Sugaring services can take more time than waxing services & is considered more painful than waxing by some clients.
Waxing Pros:  Considered less painful than sugaring by some clients.  Often takes less time than sugaring.
Waxing Cons:  Soft wax cannot be reapplied to the same area during a service.   If hair does not come out then it needs to be tweezed or left for the next visit.  Can be too aggressive for some very sensitive skin.

I've heard sugaring is better than waxing because it won't rip or tear the skin/it's less painful/it removes the hair better/the results last longer.  Are these all true?   
Sugaring vs. waxing really is personal preference.  For every person that swears by sugaring there is absolutely another who swears by waxing.  The one that's better for you is dependent on a myriad of factors.  While sugaring is, overall, gentler on the skin than some waxes, the waxes we have chosen to use at Euphoria or the gentlest options available and, the fact is, sugaring can STILL rip or tear the skin if you have very thin or sensitive skin.  (We know this from personal experience on the receiving end.)  We try to apply a light layer of oil or a light layer of powder to the skin prior to hair removal to help protect the skin as much as possible.  Some people find sugaring to be less painful than waxing while other clients find the complete opposite to be true.  Again, it's personal preference.  And sugaring does not necessarily remove the hair any better than waxing.  Because of the molding motion of sugaring, it is quite common for hair (especially fine, thin hair) to be broken at the surface of the skin before it is pulled out with the flicking motion.  That means the individual hair was not completely pulled out by the root/bulb.  This is far less likely to happen with wax.  That being said, some clients swear that they see longer lasting results with sugaring.  While we have not seen any scientific evidence to confirm this, we suspect it may be true due to the "trauma" the follicles experience with the molding & flicking technique associated with sugaring.
What ingredients are contained in your waxes & sugar?
Our hair removal sugar contains sugar, water, honey & lemon juice.  Our soy wax contains soybean, honey, chamomile, palmoil & rapeseed oil and is gluten- & paraben-free.  Our honey wax contains honey & argan oil.  Our hard wax contains calendula, tea tree oil & titanium dioxide.
How do I know if I should have waxing or sugaring services?
It really boils down to personal preference.  Your esthetician will discuss which option is best for you based on your skin type, hair type, body area & personal preferences.  The only other deciding factor may be if you are receiving a spray tan or airbrush tan.  In our opinions, sugaring is preferred if you plan on having a spray tan or airbrush tan the same day.
What’s the difference between a Bikini, a French Bikini & a Brazilian?
A bikini service removes the hair from outside the bikini or underwear line.  A French Bikini removes the hair from outside the bikini or underwear line as well as 1-2” of hair inside the line.  A Brazilian service removes most or all of the hair from front to back.
What do I need to do before my hair removal appointment?
Please come in with clean, moisturized skin.  If your physician gives you the okay, you may wish to take ibuprofen or a similar pain reliever 20 minutes before your appointment.  Make sure your hair is at least ¼” long but not longer than ¾ to 1 inch long.  If your hair is longer than that, please consider pre-trimming before your appointment or ask your esthetician to pre-trim the area for you.  (When hair is too long it impedes our ability to properly remove the hair & may lead to additional pain for you.)
What should I do after my hair removal appointment?   
Proper at-home maintenance is key to maintaining your results as well as preventing in-grown hairs and other complications.  Keep skin clean with a gentle, water-soluble cleanser that is fragrance- & alcohol-free.  Avoid applying any fragranced or alcohol-based products (like perfumes, lotions, etc.) to the area for 24-48 hours.  Do not exfoliate for 48 hours after your appointment.  After that, though, you will want to exfoliate regularly (about every 2-3 days) with a sugar scrub or oatmeal scrub.  (Ask your esthetician how you can make one of these scrubs at home.) 
How often do I need to get waxed/sugared?
This really depends on how fast your hair grows & it’s different for everyone.  The average time between facial hair removal services is 2-6 weeks & for body hair removal services it’s 4-6 weeks.  Some people see hair re-growth within just a couple of weeks – even days.  This is common especially for those with coarse, dark hair.  Some clients don’t see hair re-growth for as long as 3-4 months.  That tends to be the case for people with light hair & fair skin.  You will know best how often you need to come in for services.  And, in our experience, the more regularly you receive services, the less hair you will see over time.
Can I receive hair removal services when I have my period?
We generally don’t recommend that you do.  It’s best to receive hair removal services 1 week after the first day of your period through the next three weeks.  Hormone levels during your period may cause you to feel more pain than you normally would during a hair removal service.  Additionally, it is very difficult for our estheticians to wax around a tampon string and we cannot risk unnecessary blood exposure.  If you find you have your period when you are scheduled for a Bikini, French Bikini or Brazilian; please reschedule your appointment.
I noticed I have some hairs remaining after my waxing or sugaring appointment.  What’s up with that?
Unfortunately, this sometimes happens.  With waxing, we are not able to re-wax over the same area and so sometimes we have to leave hairs behind – especially if they were too short to be picked up by the wax.  With sugaring, it may not be feasible for your esthetician to sugar over certain curved areas of the body or on loose skin.  We will always try to tweeze any “stragglers” but there may be situations where we may have to leave those behind too & we’ll discuss that with you during your appointment.  You may wish to schedule another appointment within 1-2 weeks of your initial service or you may wish to shave.  If you choose to shave, do so within 3-4 days of your appointment but do not shave again before your next hair removal service.
I just recently got waxed or sugared & I have hair coming back already.  Why is that?
There are a number of reasons why this might happen.  One reason is that hair is always in three different stages of growth at any given time.  It may just be that you have new growth coming in as part of one of those cycles.  Unfortunately, that’s beyond our control.  Another reason is that some people grow hair really fast.  We see this a lot with people with coarse, dark hair or those on pre-natal or other vitamins & supplements.  First-time waxers/sugarers and clients who have gone a long time without waxing/sugaring will also see re-growth quicker than those who stay on a waxing regimen.  Another reason you may see hair growth right away is if you have fine or weak hair that breaks during a hair removal service.  All of these reasons are quite common & ordinary.  You may wish to schedule another appointment within 1-2 weeks of your initial service or you may wish to shave.  If you choose to shave, do so within 3-4 days of your appointment but do not shave again before your next hair removal service.
I have ingrown hairs and/or weird bumps from waxing/sugarin.  Why did I get them & how can I get rid of them?
Ingrown hairs & clogged follicles can happen when hair, debris, oil & dead skin get trapped in the follicle.  Some people are naturally prone to ingrown hairs – especially if they have oilier skin or curlier hair.  It is best to keep skin clean & exfoliated after waxing.  Check out our post-waxing instructions above & ask your esthetician about scrub possibilities as well as our ingrown hair prevention products available for purchase. 
I have some bruising on my skin after my hair removal service.  What happened & what do I do now?
You typically should not see any bruising after a service … but there are cases when this might happen.  We usually see it happen on the inner thigh area where the leg connects to the pelvic area – especially on first timers, clients who have gone a long time between services and those with very fair or thin skin.  We recommend applying a cool compress or cold pack for 10-15 minutes a couple of times a day until the bruising heals.
I’ve got a special event (wedding, honeymoon, etc.) or I’m planning something special for my special someone.  When should I come in for my waxing/sugaring?
We recommend receiving hair removal services 3-4 days before your special event or special occasion.  We do not recommend receiving Bikini, French Bikini or Brazilian services on the same day you expect “traffic” from your special someone as the area needs to remain clean & may still be sensitive.
It seems like my hair grows faster during certain times of the year.  Does that happen?
You bet!  Some clients notice fast hair growth in the summer months and some in the winter months – it’s different for everyone – but totally common.  When you get goose bumps (like when you’re cold) sometimes your hair will push up to the surface of your skin.  And, in the summer, when weather is warmer, many people notice their hair grows faster or thicker because of increased circulation.