Eye Lash & Hair Extension FAQs

Brow & Lash Tinting

What type/brand of brow & lash tint do you use?
We use Intensive Lash.

How long does the appointment take?
Brows take about 5-15 minutes and lashes take about 10-20 minutes.

How long does tinting last?
Brow & lash tint will start to fade within 2-3 weeks and as hair grows out.  Exposure to strong sunlight & UV light can reduce the longevity of your tint.  Exfoliating cleansers & skin care products with AHAs and other chemical exfoliants can also negatively impact the durability of the tint as can chlorinated water.

How often can I have my lashes & brows tinted?
You can receive tinting services every 3-4 weeks or once a month.

What else do I need to to know or keep in mind after a lash or brow tinting service?
Do not touch or rub your eyes, eyelashes or brows immediately after the treatment.  If redness or irritation occurs, apply a cool, damp cotton compress to the eye area. If symptoms persist for more than 24 hours, seek medical advice.  A gentle facial cleanser or eye makeup remover is recommended.  Do not apply makeup or mascara to lashes or receive any other eye treatments for at least 24 hours after the lash or brow tinting treatment.  Try to use oil-free facial products around the eye area to prolong the tint color.

Eye Lash Extensions

What type/brand of lash extensions do you use?
We generally use silk lash extensions but do also offer mink lash extensions by special request.  Your technician will determine which style, curl type & length of lashes are best for you during your appointment.  Please note, there may be additional fees for mink lashes (as they are a special order item) and specialty colors.  Mink lashes require full pre-payment of the lash extension service, two weeks in advance of an appointment.   As for brands, we primarily use V-Lash, JB Lash & Babe.  (Please note also, we are NOT talking about Strip Lashes here.  Strip Lashes are a temporary, one-day-wear product that we also offer as an add-on for our makeup services.)

So what’s the difference between synthetic, silk & mink?
Synthetic lash extensions are your basics.  They tend to look like “fake” lashes & some people feel they look “plastic-y.”  Silk lashes are a little more upscale and tend to look more “real.”  Mink lashes are the most natural looking lash and tend to be “softer” & “fluffier.”  If you are going for a natural look, mink is the way to go.  If you want a more noticeable, va-va-voom look, then synthetic & silk are the extension of choice.

So how does this whole lash extension thing work?
When you come in for your initial application, your technician will consult with you as to the look you are going for – thicker, longer, full, flare, etc.  She will then prep the eye area and begin applying the extensions.  The extensions are single lashes that attach to each of your real lashes.  (So you must have real lashes for the extensions to adhere to.)  Once the extensions are attached and the adhesive is dry, a sealant is applied to help protect the extensions & give them longevity.  (Please note:  Mink lashes are a special order item & need to be ordered well in advance of your extension -- at least two weeks ahead of time.  We also require that you prepare for your appointment when mink lashes are requested.)

How should I prepare for my lash extension or touch-up appointment?
It is best to arrive with a clean, makeup-free face.  If it’s your very first appointment, also be sure to allow extra time (10-15 minutes) to fill out paperwork before the start of your service and have an idea of the lash look you would like to achieve.

How long does a lash extension appointment take?
The exact time varies depending on the particular look you desire.  On average, an initial application takes 90 minutes.  (If you desire a strong or bold look, it may be necessary to schedule & pay for two initial application appointments.)  Touch up appointments depend on the amount of lash shedding, time between appointments & other factors but generally take 30 to 75 minutes.

Will lash extensions damage my real lashes?
It is possible.  Our technicians do their best to preserve the integrity of your natural lash but it's still possible there may be damage to your real lashes.  In our experience, damage usually occurs when a client does not come in at regular intervals for touch-ups, tries to remove the extensions herself or does not follow proper home care.

What does proper home care include for lash extensions?
First & foremost, you MUST keep the lash extensions dry for 12 hours following an application or touch-up.  This time allows the glue and sealant to fully set & ensures the longevity of your lashes.  Additional proper home care includes the following:  1) Do NOT use waterproof eye makeup of any kind, 2)  Do NOT use an eyelash curler/crimper, 3) Do NOT use oil-based eye makeup remover & do NOT apply oil-based skin care products near the eye area.  4) Do NOT use a lash comb to comb through the lashes from the base to tips.  Only use a soft brow brush (if necessary) to gently brush the extensions from the middle out.  5)  Do NOT expose lash extensions to chlorinated pools or hot tubs.  6) Do NOT wear sleep masks over the eye area.  7)  Protect your lash extensions from extreme hot & cold temperatures.

How long do eyelash extensions last?
It really depends on each individual person & numerous other factors including lifestyle, home care, natural shedding rate, etc.  The human body can naturally shed 25% of lashes at any given time.  Certain health conditions may increase that percentage.  Weak or brittle lashes can also lead to faster lash loss.  People who are rough on the eye area, wear a lot of makeup or frequently rub their eyes will see faster shedding as well.  The first lashes to go are usually the ones on the inner & outer corners as those tend to see the most moisture and friction.  How fast your real lashes grow also plays a factor in lash touch-up time.  If your hair grows quickly, you can anticipate needing lash touch-ups sooner too.  In our experience, the average lash client needs a touch-up every 2-4 weeks.  For some people it can even be every 1 ½ weeks.  For others it may be every 2 months.  It really depends on you & many of the factors just mentioned.

Hair Extensions

What type/brand of hair extensions do you use?
We use Babe I-tip or Tape-in hair extensions depending on client preference & what your stylist recommends.  We also retail clip-in extensions.  (Please note, ALL hair extensions are special order items and not kept in stock.  The purchase of hair extensions is also NOT REFUNDABLE.)

What is the difference between I-tip, Tape-in & Clip-in hair extensions?
I-tip extensions are very small bundles of hair that attach with little beads that are clamped down to your real hair.  Tape-in extensions are 1 ½-2” wide wefts of hair that are taped to your real hair.  (Typically, two tape-in pieces are sandwiched together over your real hair.)  I-tip & Tape-in extensions require professional salon application, retightening & removal.  Clip-in extensions are varying sized wefts that just clip onto your hair with little clip combs & can easily be removed by you at home.  (We can also now order the headband style extensions that pop in & out for daily wear.) 

What kinds of costs & appointments are associated with hair extensions?
There are a lot of costs associated with the installation & maintenance of hair extensions.  First, you will have to purchase the extensions.  That price can generally range from $100 to $1000 plus sales tax.  There are then installation fees to install your extensions.  After that, you will need regular re-tightening services every 6-8 weeks.  Haircuts, deep conditioning & other maintenance services are strongly recommended as well and are separate costs.  You should also keep in mind the extensions need to be removed before any hair coloring or highlighting services and those services are, again, separate from removals, installations & re-tightening.  (For our current pricing on these services, please visit our Services page.  All services and prices are subject to change without notice.)  In addition, you may need to purchase additional bundles of hair over time depending on care, lifestyle, etc.  Our manufacturer recommends replacing hair extensions about every 6 months.

How long does a hair extension appointment take?
The amount of time an installation, removal or re-tightening takes really depends on how many extensions you have and the type of extensions.  Appointments can take as little as 30 minutes or as long as 3-4 hours.

Will extensions damage my real hair?
The simple/short answer is yes, damage can occur and for a variety of reasons.  If you don't follow proper home care and maintenance or don't come in for regular re-tightening every 6-8 weeks then you are putting yourself at greater risk for damage to your hair.  Beyond that, damage can occur if an extension gets ripped or pulled out due to lifestyle or other factors.  We do everything we can to preserve the integrity of your hair on our end and have chosen the extensions we feel are the most gentle on hair ... but once you leave the salon, things are really out of our control.  And, as mentioned, if you don't get the regular re-tighten or other recommended maintenance services done, that's beyond our control too.  In our experience, if you follow proper care instructions & maintenance services, damage to your hair will be minimal and the only hair damage/loss you should really see is through the normal shedding process of your scalp.  We make no guarantees on this, though, as again, a variety of factors can influence your individual results.

What does proper home care include for hair extensions?
Proper home care includes, but may not be limited to, using appropriate shampoo & conditioner, deep conditioner, Olaplex or Zerran, nourishing hair oil & dry shampoo.  You should use wide-toothed combs and or wide bristle brushes when combing or brushing hair and you should take great care when combing or brushing -- especially in the root area where the base of the extensions are.  Our manufacture does NOT recommend going to bed with wet hair and, on that same note, we do not recommend putting hair up in a tight bun, etc. when it's wet.  (Your hair is more elastic when it's wet and this can put undue stress on your hair when extensions are factored in.)  

How long do hair extensions last?
According to our manufacturer, hair extensions last about 6 months with proper care & maintenance.  (Please do not confuse this with how often you need re-tightening done.  Your extensions should be regularly re-tightened every 6-8 weeks.)  We feel lifestyle also impacts the longevity of hair extensions.  For instance, people who participate in intense fitness routines or sports or who frequently expose their hair to sun, heat, wind & water or chlorinated pools may find that their extensions show wear & tear a lot quicker -- around 2-3 months.  On the flip side of that, we have had clients who take very good care of the their extensions & they've been able to continue using the same extensions for a year plus.